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Do you want to date her? Admit it -- if it were a real possibility, you'd give it some serious thought. ... Maybe. 

Khloe Kardashian has delved into the often ridiculous world of online dating -- by way of OKCupid. While she says that the move was more "for s--ts and giggles" than as a serious attempt to land a date, it's .... well, she was serious enough to complete ...
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That's me the bacon distributor

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"Bacon distributor" might be the best item to have listed in your work history.

The next time someone tries to say that Kylie Jenner doesn't have a "real job," just show them this video.

A lot of models don't get enough nutrition, and they especially don't get enough delicious food. But Kylie makes sure that Kendall doesn't fall into that trap. Beauty doesn't have to suffer. And the boredom of getting makeup put on is oh-so alleviated by ...
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This is progress, right?

Rob Kardashian's online presence has been pretty slight until very recently, but it looks like he's really putting himself out there with full force these days. And no, not all of it revolves around Blac Chyna.

One of our favorite uses of Twitter is livetweeting. People livetweet TV shows -- and it's like you, mutuals, and strangers are sharing a massive living room that happens to include some of the more social media-savvy members of the show's production team. But you can also livetweet video games, your friend's first experience watching your favorite movie, a flight, or the super awkward date that a couple at another table are having:
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If you're setting a trap for anacondas, we're lead to believe that she would make very helpful bait.

This model is Sheniz H, and you'll be shocked and dismayed to learn that Kanye West selected her to be the model for his album art ... prompted by Kim's preference. We'll all have to guess at what made him choose her when he could have chosen any of the other models narrowed down by Kim -- but we're sure she'll be an asset to album sales. Or something.

But what really grabbed our interest is what Kim Kardashian has to say about her husband's choice in album cover models. Sheniz, girl, you might want to watch your back: 

Totally innocuous, right?

Who knows. You want to keep an eye on the gorgeous model with the amazing booty who's caught your and your husband's eye. And you definitely want to remind that girl that you exist and that you know who she is.

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We've definitely made worse puns than "She had us at 'Hello'," so we'll let that slide.

A lot of magazine cover shoots of women include their bodies and some sort of dramatic pose. While Adele is certainly posed here, the picture really focuses on her face -- allowing her eyes to bore right into your soul. But, you know, in a beautiful way.

There is such a paradox between Adele's singing voice -- and the person ... 
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... And love. Love would also be cool.

OK, so have you seen "Zoolander 2" yet? No shame if you haven't, it just came out last night and also it's a sequel to "Zoolander," so if you're not rushing off to the theaters, well, we get it. Not that there was anything wrong with the first "Zoolander" movie -- David Bowie was in it, so how bad could it really be? -- but it'll be there when you're ready. It's not going anywhere.

But as "meh" as we feel about this movie, we still wouldn't think about being as cruel and heartless as this Times critic was in his review. Here's how the thing starts out:

In Derek’s imagination — and, I would like to think, in Mr. Stiller’s on a good day — he’s a devastatingly handsome specimen with his laser-blue eyes and prominent cheekbones. One reason the character registers so strongly is that Derek suggests Mr. Stiller’s personal obsession with his looks.

And it only gets worse ...
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That's a photo of Khloe Kardashian with Lamar Odom last night -- it just kind of makes your heart sing, doesn't it? Lamar's looking so good, and there's a sort of quiet happiness about them here, and sorry, but we believe in true love, OK? We believe that love conquers all, and that Khloe and Lamar have so much love, and also that they will eventually end up together, as soulmates tend to do.

You know who else believes that? The great and powerful Kris Jenner. Here's what she said in an interview with ET when she was asked about the possibility of Khloe getting back with Lamar:

"I think it's no secret that that's probably right out there, written on my forehead or something. Yeah, I mean, I always want my kids to have a happy ending. All of them. And I consider Lamar, he's one of my kids. So, I fall in love with anybody my kids, you know, bring to me and we have as part of our family. They'll always be family, so I always want there to be a happy ending." 

Us too, Kris. Us too. And judging by something Khloe tweeted last night, it looks like that happy ending might come sooner rather than later ...
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When we talk about Wendy Williams, we usually talk about how horrible she is -- after all, she has her own show and she is pretty awful, it just makes sense. But sometimes we talk about her body too, because she's been working hard on losing weight, and, you know, we have eyeballs.

So yeah, we're going to be going with the weight loss route today, sound good? It better, because judging by this brand new photo, Wendy might have lost too much weight. Like, we're not doctors or anything, but we have to wonder if this is healthy ...