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“I am a feminist because I love women and I am ready to fight for women. I am a feminist because I am proud to be a woman, and I am passionate about making the world a better place for women. I am a feminist because a lot of amazing women have made me the woman I am today. I am inspired by women every day, as friends and as colleagues. ... But – it should not be just because I am a woman. ... It should be a reflex, if someone else is being hurt, to help. It shouldn’t have to be because you are being a victim, too. I work a lot for domestic violence, and people often ask me if I have experienced it. And I say, no, on the contrary – my father is a great man, my husband is a great man. But [aren't] we are all human beings?”

--Salma Hayek, a strong, empowered woman. It's high time that Hollywood starts recognizing the fact that not all those who want to be famous are OK with being objectified, diminished, or otherwise waved off because of their gender. 

In a recent interview, Salma gives a powerful testimony of what it means to be a woman in show business, and if you read between the lines, it's applicable to any walk of life that a woman should choose in which to embark upon.

Really, it all boils down to this. We are all human beings, after all, and why should we segregate based on anything at all?
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3/5/2015 5:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
This is Raven-Symoné's latest look, and if you thought -- for whatever reason -- that Raven-Symoné would be anything less than fierce and gorgeous and adorable all wrapped up in one while rocking any look, then sorry, friends: you were sorely mistaken. 

Verdict: Love it. It's so Raven. 

Love It or Leave It -- Raven Symone's New Look:

  • Love it!
  • Leave it.
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3/5/2015 4:00 AM PST, by Emily Trainham
So here's the latest stop on the Miley Cyrus Selfie Train ... notice anything weird? Sure, it's strange that she hasn't Photoshopped pizza somewhere into the picture, and it's kind of odd that it's an actual photo at all and not some spliced together bit of trippy nonsense, but we're talking about that bit of skin showing there, and those ribs sticking way the hell out. Is that a little troubling to anyone else? Should we be concerned about this?

One thing we for sure need to be concerned about, however, is that Miley is starting to get slammed for this photo for a different reason, and that reason is Selena Gomez. As you can see, she's holding a copy of V Magazine with Selena on the cover. It's because the magazine also features a little story about Miley, but some people are starting to get worked up in the comment section on Miley's Instagram, saying that she's making fun of Selena here. The drama never stops, does it?

We don't know if Miley really is mocking Selena (probably; she's just too obtuse to convey it in a meaningful manner), and we don't know if her ribs are a problem, but we do know this: Miley really can't stop.

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3/4/2015 3:00 PM PST, by Emily Trainham

Do you see that sweet little video right there? That's a video about a 10-year-old boy, Christopher, who absolutely loves Adam Levine and Adam's band, Maroon 5. The video got around a little bit, so on and so forth, until arrangements were made for Christopher to go backstage after a Maroon 5 show so that he could actually meet Adam. And do you know what happened then? Yes, Adam Levine did something so very kind, can you even believe it?! Upon their meeting, Christopher had a panic attack and had to lie down, so Adam did the same, and then so did everyone else. Adam Levine, who usually seems to believe himself to be too cool for pretty much everything, was thoughtful enough to take care of this little boy. And doesn't that just touch your whole entire heart?
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3/4/2015 2:00 PM PST, by Emily Trainham

"She can open my blush, put the brush in and put it on her cheek. Today, she was opening my lipstick. She puts it up to her lips like she know what she's doing!"

--Kim Kardashian describes the mad makeup skills that her little baby daughter, North West, has been developing. North West, who, by the way, is not even two years old yet. Right.

No, this is cute, isn't it? It's not like Kim is forcing her kid to wear makeup, and if North likes to play with it, that's fine. It's nice, even, that they've already got a common interest. But just like there's something kind of weird about Kim putting North in furs, it seems a little odd that she's letting her infant apply her high-end makeup. It's not wrong, it's not scandalous, it's just a little questionable. That's all.


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3/4/2015 1:30 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
"[I didn't 'fix' my teeth because] it didn't feel like it would fit who I was inside. [Later, a male classmate told me if I fixed my teeth, I could pose for Playboy]. I said, 'Why would I want to be in Playboy?' I just didn't want to look perfect. I didn't want to have to change myself to be attractive. I didn't think that was my responsibility. ... I've had so many of these conversations in my life ... what I look like on film, what I don't look like on film. What are we supposed to look like? Men are not having these conversations." 

--Patricia Arquette, kicking it with her awesome and empowering attitude, and yes -- why in hell would you want to objectify yourself (and have to "fix" things in the process in order to do so) when you can just be yourself and bust up assumptions that just because you're attractive, you probably want to pose naked and make money off of your lady parts?

Don't get us wrong: there's nothing wrong with a woman choosing to pose nude ... but there's much wrong with the idea that every hot woman should want to pose nude just because they're hot.  

Get it straight, y'all.
3/4/2015 12:15 PM PST, by Emily Trainham
This is Kim Zolciak of "Real Housewives" fame, and, as you can probably tell, she's got an abnormally tiny waist thanks to one of those infernal waist trainers. We've seen them on so many Kardashians, and now the trend seems to be spreading to other reality stars. Before we know it, every lady in the land will have one of these things strapped on, forcing their internal organs to rearrange themselves so that they can have a body shape that no human could naturally possess -- a shape that society has told them is attractive. 

Is it worth it? If you're unsure, maybe just ask Kim's organs there. They've probably got an opinion or two on the topic.

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3/4/2015 12:00 PM PST, by Emily Trainham
A lot of people have been outraged by what Kid Rock said about Beyonce recently, but really, there's something much more pressing and infinitely more horrible that you should be outraged by when it comes to Kid Rock, and that is everything. Everything about this man is just plain awful, and this tragic story we're about to hear about some poor hogs and Kid Rock's deranged attitude is just going to drive it straight on home.

What happened was an interviewer from Rolling Stone went to Kid Rock's home in Alabama and learned that some wild hogs had been damaging his property. He had caught three hogs in a cage prior to the interviewer's arrival, and he planned on killing them. And that's one thing: it's legal, and if he had planned to humanely kill them and then use them for food, that might be acceptable. But it's Kid Rock we're talking about here, and what actually happened is that he showed off the caged animals and announced that "We're about to do some murderous s---."

He, along with his girlfriend, goes on to shoot the hogs with a small variety of guns. He watches as one "collapses and writhes" after being shot because, as he so eloquently puts it, "His ass is done." After all three hogs are dead, his girlfriend remarks that one of them was pretty, he says, "with a chuckle," that she's "pretty dead."

Look, this is just the absolute worst. It's disturbing, and not disturbing in a dramatic way, like "Wow, it's disturbing how adorable Taylor Swift is," it's disturbing in a very, very real way. So with that, along with all of the Beyonce stuff -- not to mention the fact that he seriously referred to the president as "Obummer" later in this interview -- can we just be done with this guy now?
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