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The Spice Girls were and always will be a magical part of everyone's lives. That includes celebrities.

Now that she's nearly due with her second child, we're guessing that Kim Kardashian doesn't mind reminding everyone of how old she is. Because, you know, this particular squad costume is very particularly dated.

Victoria Beckham has come a long way from the days of Posh Spice, when basically all that she did on stage was point off into the distance (a pose which Kim nailed in this picture, by the way). So when Kim posted the throwback pic, Victoria regrammed it with a compliment.

We don't know that "genius" is the word that we'd use, but we do love it. We love the original costumes, Kim sharing the picture with us, and Victoria giving it her stamp of approval. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

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Did you know that there are people who go on dates before banging? The world is an amazing and diverse place.

Some people are perfectly content to be in a romantic relationship for months without any real physical intimacy. Some of those people are asexual and will never desire sex. Some of those people are, like, fourteen. Former Miss USA and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo doesn't seem to fit into either of those categories, but hey. 

According to a source speaking to the New York Daily News, Olivia reportedly broke up with sportsball player and conservative Christian sweetheart Tim Tebow -- because he actually seems to be serious about the whole abstinence thing: 

"She had to break up with him because she just couldn’t handle it. He still hits her up, but she just can’t deal with the sex thing. He’s pretty adamant about it, I guess."

Now, to be clear, lots of people have happy, sex-free relationships. Well, friends, for one thing -- but also asexual folks who don't experience sexual attraction. Things like common interests and romance take hold. It happens, and that's their choice.

But, as a general rule, please make sure that you're both on the same page about sex. Like, before you enter a relationship. It's tough to be direct and honest in, like, high school, but people like Olivia and Tebow are adults. That kind of communication is super important to make sure that you're not both wasting your time on a relationship that isn't going to give either of you what you want.

And, honestly, even if you're starting to date a big slab of beef, you should probably take him at his word if he's not going to let you take a bite.

Here's the kicker, though -- TMZ has gone and confirmed that the two ... these two gorgeous, totally bangable people ... never even dated. How about them apples.

... We still mean what we said, though.

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What could possibly improve an unstoppable hit song like "Hello," you ask? Well, Britney Spears, obviously.

Just watch Britney dancing so smoothly (even through that super old-timey filter) to Adele's best ever song. Britney, in her beneficence, shared this video and it's pretty mesmerizing. We wish that she'd danced for the duration of the entire song. It wouldn't even have to be anything elaborate.

Britney's dancing skills aren't exactly news -- she's been giving jaw-dropping live dance performances since we were still in school being told that we'd "definitely need to know cursive" in our adult lives. She can out-dance just about anyone, but she's not making this a competition -- she just really loves the song and could happily dance to it all but indefinitely.

Same, girl. This is even better than those wonderful puns people are making out of the song.

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A super happy birthday to Kaley Cuoco. She's charming, talented, and beautiful. She's also 30, now.

If you're going to do a surprise party for your BFF's birthday, you need to do it right. It needs to be fun, and it needs to be perfectly tailored for exactly what your friend loves. If that means a huge party with hundreds of people, do it. If that means a few dozen people for an "Eyes Wide Shut" style gathering, do it. And if that means whisking your friend away to Mexico to see big cats in a sanctuary, super do it. The bonus of the big cat adventure is that you can document it on Instagram. And include the birthday girl's sister.

So, yeah, Kaley was whisked away by 12 bffs -- including her sister, Briana Cuoco (who turned 27 on Sunday) -- and they took the actress and animal lover to a wildlife sanctuary.

We can only imagine the constant internal battle between the desire to "pet the kitty" and self-preservation instincts. Except in the case of the babies, of course. But it looks and sounds like everyone had a great time on the "trip of a lifetime."

It's kind of daunting for many people to reach 30, because it's the real beginning of adulthood. Plus it's the age that most people think of as incomparably old when they're growing up (anyone else grow up thinking "middle-aged" meant someone's 30s?). But 30 looks great on Kaley (and so does everything else).

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A general rule is that the less you have in common with the people who were on "Jersey Shore," the better.

As weird as it can be, different relationships work with different dynamics. People have different friendship styles, different dating styles, and even different marriage styles.

While, for us, what's described in Snooki's tongue-in-cheek first anniversary (open? WTF) letter to Jionni LaValle would be a super toxic relationship. Wanting to fight half the time and getting on each other's nerves? Maybe if you're roommates during finals -- but that really doesn't sound ideal or normal in a healthy adult relationship, does it. 

Like, we don't fight with our friends. If we even get mad enough at a friend to express it, even to a third party, it's rare and memorable. So, the idea of getting frustrated with your spouse on such a regular basis is pretty foreign -- and sounds horrifying. And stressful.

Aside from the apparent eternal battleground that Snooki's no doubt exaggerating for humor's sake, this is really cute, right? She's clearly in love, and sharing her somewhat sassy, borderline-alarming love letter with the world is super sweet. Even though she clearly took a picture of an image on her monitor to post to Instagram. There are just ... so many better ways to accomplish what she wanted.

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Kim Zolciak
has a lot of qualities that many people consider to be ridiculous -- it would be way quicker to name the things about her that are actually reasonable -- but one of the most concerning things is the was she chooses to parent her children. Like, she seems perfectly fine with the younger ones, and it's not like she's doing anything completely wrong here, but ... seriously? She's totally cool with her kid wearing a dress with a straight up boob window? It's not prudish at all to say that the dress is racy, and for Kim to be OK enough with it to post a photo for thousands upon thousands of strangers to see, well, that seems a little silly.

Kim has some gorgeous children, there's no doubt about it, but it would be so very nice if they had a mom with just a touch more sense.

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gave birth to her astoundingly precious baby girl, Chanel, on Saturday, and in a move that has surprised no one at all, she is already one of the most adorable moms we've ever had the pleasure to see. And that's because she's getting so very personal on the very intimate topic of her nipples:

Sorry for the silence but still in hospital after giving birth yesterday. I've had my hands full focusing on being the...

Posted by Coco on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Every single thing about this is amazing. Every woman who's ever breastfed even once knows precisely the pain Coco is talking about, and the love she feels for her baby is so touching and so easy to see, even through social media posts. And the fact that her baby has her own Twitter account? It's beyond perfect: This is the start of something beautiful, we just know it.

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Caitlyn Jenner
, Glamour's Woman of the Year (keep sucking on that one, haters), celebrated the holidays by undergoing a test of courage that so very, very many women have done before her: girl got herself some bangs! They look great, which is fortunate -- you probably don't need to be told how unfortunate bangs can be, and if you do then you should consider yourself remarkably lucky. Then again, Caitlyn is gorgeous, and we should have known that if anyone could so flawlessly pull off a hairstyle that has defeated so many, it would be her.

Congrats on all the beauty, Caitlyn! We always knew you had it in you!

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