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There are two kinds of people in this world: people that worship Beyonce and think she's a beautiful queen who is capable of no wrong, and people that realize how ridiculous she truly is. Because how weird is it that Beyonce is treated like the picture of class and grace and elegance when she has songs about her husband ejaculating on her -- not to mention this new song about taking his ass to Red Lobster "when he f--- me good"? That doesn't make her a bad person, obviously, but it's just annoying how she tends to behave like she's above everything when she's just as crass and thirsty as every other pop star.

But that's just a general rant about Beyonce. And now, we're going to go on a more specific rant about Beyonce. Not about her Super Bowl performance this time -- we've done that already -- but about this little interview she gave to ET about her performance. And trust us, she just made the whole thing so much worse ...
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It's a damn good thing that Chris Martin's "consciously undone" or whatever Gwyneth Paltrow is "such good friends" with Beyonce, otherwise this interview would be mad uncomfortable.

In a brand-new -- and completely timely -- interview with Rolling Stone, Martin addresses working with the overblown Bey and her hive, and while what he says is pretty tame, it absolutely gives you insight into what it must have been like being strong-armed so hard in the epically terrible Super Bowl halftime show that Beyonce positively spat on. 

Chris addressed a time they worked together in the past, and Knowles basically laughed off a song he presented to her: 
2/9/2016 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Let's get this straight once and for all -- just because you consider yourself a "feminist" ... or hey, maybe you even are ... it doesn't mean you're required to break out your mammaries at every occasion, because guess what? It's OK to remain chaste and reserved and still be pro-women's rights. 

Mayim Bialik -- one of the more admirable self-proclaimed feminists, as she didn't push the raunch envelope like Lena Dunham does, or anything like that -- she merely flashed Piers Morgan what was probably a bra or a bandeau of some type. 

But hey. This leads us to a greater conversation here: just because you're a feminist doesn't mean you're required to act trashy. You can be feminist and still be -- gasp! -- "ladylike." And take "ladylike" however you want to take that. If you want to go ahead and act trashy, by all means -- but don't be surprised and outraged when not everyone thinks it's appropriate. You can't win all things all the time, you know, and especially not with such a diverse species known as "humans." 

We're disappointed, Blossom. But that's the risk you run when you try for edgy in 2016, after nearly all of those aforementioned envelopes have been pushed and put through the shredder. Saying you're a feminist is one thing, but then following it up almost immediately with a boob-flash is just ... tacky and inflammatory. 

Check out the video:
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2/9/2016 5:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Yeah, even Amy Schumer seems unsure about this one. 

Ben Hanisch, Amy's newisch man, is still fawning all over his girlfriend, and not for nothing -- if Amy Schumer were our girlfriends, we'd be fawning and mooning, too. But still, Ben's hamming it up for the cameras is what we're having a problem with.  

Take the following photo for example: 

Innocuous, right? Cute, even. And yeah, Amy's wearing sunglasses, so you can't really grasp the full extent of her expression, but one could almost ascertain that she's just kind of "meh" and going through the motions. 

However, the following photo -- taken just days before the above pic -- really says a lot to us:
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Somebody's really, really proud of being friends with Kim Kardashian ... so much so that he is wiling to put himself out there and look a way that even Kim herself isn't normally willing: pompous. Oh man, pompous as hell

Jonathan Cheban sat down for an interview with NewYou magazine, and he discussed Kim. And how he's, like, almost as busy and as important as Kim. And how he deals with Kim's haters, and his own haters (spoiler: it's just about the same). 

We won't keep you holding your breath for too long -- you might encounter some kind of brain damage in which what he's about to tell you could accidentally be construed to make sense. Don't do that, OK? Don't be damaged to the point of understanding loosely-affiliated Kardashian rationale:
2/8/2016 7:00 PM PST, by Simon Delott
What's French for "death by hotness?"

Gigi Hadid is beautiful and sexy -- and those two don't always go hand-in-hand. Even with models who are dating one of the hottest male singers in the business.

Gigi Hadid had more than one cover photo, and as lovely ...
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This is one of those "what were they thinking?" moments.

Especially since it's been up for over 48 hours, now, and they've been dragged by everybody's comments. Either nobody's checking the mentions, or they just don't care.

Cosmopolitan's Twitter account tweeted this gif of Blue Ivy, who is adorable beyond reason, from her cameo ... 
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We love everything about this.

Okay, so people are pretty psyched for the "Deadpool" movie. Like, finally, we've been waiting so long for this. Almost as long as Ryan Reynolds has been waiting for it, because he's been eagerly anticipating this for ages and ages.

And a lot of people are. Deadpool is a complex character -- impossible to kill, extremely sassy, pansexual, and aware ...