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"Sorry for all the Hitler stuff" is a good sentiment, and since everyone ever knows how awful Hitler is, it's kinda weird that Tila Tequila ever made any pro-Hitler statements to begin with.

It's even weirder that she waited three years to apologizeonly doing so after being booted off of the UK's version of "Celebrity Big Brother." Turns out that Hitler isn't super popular in that country he bombed. Weird, right?

We're glad that she issued the apology, but the three year gap makes it come across as pretty insincere. Also, since Tila Tequila is still prone to saying awful things, we're sure that she'll be issuing many, many more apologies in the future.

Get it together, girl.  
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8/30/2015 10:00 AM PDT, by Simon Delott

The internet is like an elephant—or like your mom about that one time you forgot to call her on her birthday: it never forgets.

That's something that Lindsay Lohan probably should have remembered before uploading this video to IG and then promptly deleting it. It had already, of course, been preserved for posterity.

We've all made embarrassing videos in the past that went against our better judgment. We usually make them as children or as intoxicated adults (hopefully never as intoxicated children). 

What a strange, strange mess.

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8/30/2015 8:00 AM PDT, by Simon Delott
You know when someone's just itching to pick a fight? It's worse when it's someone you live with. It's even worse when that person is so good at picking fights that they can pluck an argument out of thin air.

Well Farrah Abraham is very, very good at picking fights. She doesn't need for you to be playing music or "sitting in her seat" to start an argument—all that you need to do is walk through a room and glance in her direction.

We're a little impressed. But not, like, in a good way.

Farrah accused "Celebrity Big Brother" housemate James Hill of "looking at her," while he attempted to muster a flabbergasted reply and mostly just stood there being shirtless. She became super aggressive, marching up and invading his personal space. It made us super uncomfortable to watch.

While it's always possible that she was under some sort of influence (are her lips just too big to speak properly these days?), this isn't even the first time that the reality star and porn star has picked a fight on CBBUK. We're sure that it won't be the last.
8/30/2015 6:00 AM PDT, by Simon Delott
Date nights are so important for a lot of relationships. You want to go out and have a good time. Maybe you go another couple. Or with friends. Or, you know, your sister's ex-boyfriend who is old enough to have been about to start high school when you were born. Weird? Yes. Surprising? Not a bit. 

That is apparently what Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga chose to do when they went clubbing Friday night with ... Scott Disick.

Was this a planned outing or an incredibly awkward third wheel situation? Scott was pretty funny on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," but, like, you usually don't choose to party with your sister's ex. Especially when we don't know how Kourtney feels about it, what with the couple splitting up just a couple of months ago.

It's always possible that this social activity was part of a buildup to an eventual reunion between Kourtney and Scott, but there's so much that we just don't know.

What we do know is that Kylie looked great. Some people don't care so much for the blue hair (and have been griping about it since, like, the 2009 VMAs), but we think that it really suits Kylie well. Kylie has a tendency to kind of dress like someone who would seduce and/or kick James Bond a lot, and her attire on Friday ​absolutely looked the part.

Win! For, you know, the most part.  


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Choosing your outfit is all about a balance between comfort and how you look. Being stunningly gorgeous in the skimpiest bikini that you can find? Great. Feeling like that bikini is trying to saw you in half vertically? Kinda uncomfortable.

Kelly Osbourne shared this bikini photo of herself today, and to be honest, her caption was pretty endearing: 

"#GoodMorning Welcome to #TheNewSexy... Comfort over dental floss #GrannyStyle4Life 😂😈💜🙈"

While those of us with grandmothers could probably go our entire lives without reading the words "granny style" literally ever again in our lives, Kelly looks so great in this picture, right?

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A lot of people, regardless of political affiliation, were very eager to tune in to see political pundit and Goblin Queen Of The Frozen North Sarah Palin's interview with Donald Trump. Kind of like how a lot of people want to see what would happen if Godzilla met King Kong, to be honest.

The result was ... actually not quite what some of us had imagined. Surprising, right?

Overall, the interview was a bit of a let down if you were expecting some sort of carnival act. The most exciting part was probably Palin using one of her favorite terms: "gotcha question," in reference to Trump being asked his favorite Bible verse. We're not so sure that a question like that posed to a politician who is courting the "moral majority" Republican base qualifies as a "gotcha" question so much as, you know, a question. In the interview, Trump did not seem certain that it was a "gotcha" attempt, either.

Not exactly the hot mess that you were expecting, right? We were a little disappointed. But there are another 436 days before the 2016 Presidential election, so don't worrythere will be plenty more opportunities.

Personally, watching the video mostly put us in the mood to rewatch HBO's "Game Change." It's one of our favorite horror films.
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Whether you've followed Miley Cyrus's career with great enthusiasm or mild disinterest, everyone took note of her 2013 VMAs performance with notorious creeper and occasional musician Robin Thicke.

That performance was ... kind of a mess, right? It wasn't that her outfit was too revealing (what does that even mean when it's a musical performance?) so much as the nightmarish way that her costume distorted her butt. We're still wincing at the thought.

Oh, and the part with the grinding on Robin Thicke.

Miley recently said that, contrary to Robin Thicke's statements, the entire dance was planned and that Robin Thicke had a say in approving her outfit. 

That said, we definitely believe that this year will be different. Miley's still not into wearing a lot of clothingbut hey, it's August, and she'll be hosting at the VMAs, not at the Cloister Of Our Lady Of Perpetual Propriety.

Can you imagine what this is gonna be like? Don't answer that ... just sit, and wait.
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Do you ever just read an actor's age and have to do a double-check because no, there's no way.He's only just a few years older than you, right?

Jason Priestley
, who played the morally upright Brandon Walsh on "90210," just turned forty-six.

Honestly, the only thing more surprising than Priestley inching ever closer to the big FIVE-O (we mean turning fifty, not "Hawaii Five-O") is how ... not-old he looks? It's not that we don't believe his age, exactly, but he looks way better than we expect from people at "that age."

Honestly we're keeping our fingers crossed that we look that good at that age. And beyond.

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