Tom Cruise Signs On to Do the One and Only Thing He Ever Shone at -- "Mission: Impossible"

5/7/2013 6:00 AM PDT
Of course, if you think that there's any reference here beyond "Mission: Impossible," then you're sorely mistaken friends, because Tom Cruise isn't exactly proficient in doing other earth-shatteringly amazing things, save for alienating ex-wives and being all sorts of imposing on everybody else. 

But "Mission: Impossible" it is, guys! It's happening all over again, and even though Tom took his first whack at playing Ethan Hunt almost two whole decades ago (where did that time even go?), he's reprising the role again for a fifth movie in the franchise, says Deadline. 

Is anyone else as ridiculously excited about the prospect of this film as ... well, come on. This is going to be totally awesome, right? We can leave our personal thoughts about Tom Cruise and his creepy cheeseball self at the door for this one all over again, can't we? 

--Sarah Taylor

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