Alison Brie Has the Most Adorable Naked Photos in Existence

5/14/2013 9:00 AM PDT
Just to be clear, we don't have the naked photos of Alison Brie in question. No one has them, no one except for Alison's friend, but they do exist. And isn't that knowledge enough?

If it isn't, then listen to Alison describe what exactly the photos look like. Then you'll change your tune:

"I know naked photos exist of me from this trip with friends to Lake Tahoe. I would take off all my clothes and go run outside and be like a little wood nymph and get on a weird exercise machine." 

What weird exercise machine? Be like a little wood nymph how? We need more details, Alison Brie, even if it's just you talking more about nude photos in general.

"I know there's got to be some naked photos somewhere. I just keep waiting for them to surface. I don't think that I present myself as a person who's never taken naked photos." 

She also said that the photos ever were to get released, that her plan would be "to then release other nude photos to be like, 'No wait, see, no actually when I'm trying to look good naked, I could.'"

Alison Brie, could you possibly be any more wonderful?

--Emily Trainham
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