LeAnn Rimes is Blossoming Into Something Really Lame and Petty These Days

5/23/2013 4:00 AM PDT
Man, does this ever end? Hint: no, no it doesn't. And if you're a LeAnn Rimes fan, or a Brandi Glanville fan, or even a fan of silly, catty drama, then you're in luck, because this crap "feud" between LeAnn and Brandi, like a super aggressive case of HPV that you get from lollipops, just won't die.

You heard the other day that Brandi was furious that LeAnn didn't answer the phone when Brandi was trying to get a hold of her kids, right? Because dude, she was hopping mad. Hopping. And there was a little bit of "Pick up the damn phone" drama that happened on Twitter (of course), and then it died.

But guys!  Fear not! It's been resurrected! Here's some Twitter fun courtesy of LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville, the classiest social media broads you know. Take it away, Brandi!: 

And LeAnn's response: So, OK. From a mom's perspective, it's understandable that Brandi might get a little bent out of shape when she tries to get a hold of the children that she only has "half the time," and that's sad. Man.

However? Taking it to Twitter, even though it's pretty entertaining for the rest of us, is just asking to kick a hornet's nest in its big fake teeth. LeAnn, however, should also know better, because that silly, passive-aggressive "Blah blah music and truth is so 2013"? Gosh, how annoying is that?

--Sarah Taylor
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