Farrah Abraham Went and Reached Astronomical Levels of Annoying Yesterday

5/24/2013 7:00 AM PDT
media_removed_fishwrapper 2013

Whatever, Farrah Abraham. Whatever. Let's be all, "Oh, I know my sex tape is out there, but I don't want anybody to talk to me or anyone else about it," and then be all like, "It's weird that my guy friends from school watched me having #sex @Vivid & then told me #ItWasHot." First, who even uses hashtags when they talk? Second? You're stupid, Farrah Abraham. You're dumb, and you're obnoxious, and everybody sees right through you. 

Yeah, you might have a nice set with a hefty price tag, and a reasonable body to go along with it, but there's nothing aside from $$! going on upstairs, and no amount of mammary glands can make us forget that, alright? 

Silly, silly Farrah Abraham. Girlfriend puts the "twit" in "Twitter." Every frigging time. 

--Sarah Taylor 
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