The Less Irritating Other Jenner, Kylie, is Sick of Hiding in the Shadows

5/26/2013 7:00 AM PDT
Kylie Jenner is on Instagram, guys -- you knew that, right? You knew that Kylie Jenner had this Instagram account where she took indulgent (but cute!) selfies which show bikinis that are sure to leave unfortunate-looking tan lines, right? 

Because boom -- here it is, and if this isn't some kind of way to maybe show up sister Kendall's public fight with Kurt Cobain's ill-named daughter, then who really knows what it actually is (hint: it is what it is -- this is how they do, guys). 

The more concerning thing about all this, though, is that a decade and-a-half ago, back when yours truly was a mere 15 years old, yours truly would have been killed and killed and brought back to life just for the sake of being grounded three times over if photos like this (of yours truly) appeared on the internet, let alone were put intentionally on the internet for millions and millions of people to see. 

Amazing how things have changed, huh?


--Sarah Taylor
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