Love It or Leave It: Khloe Kardashian Got it All Right Today, Sorry

5/29/2013 11:00 AM PDT
You heard it right -- Khloe Kardashian's look today, for the most part, is completely slamming. Slamming. 

See that hair? That ombre thing she's doing? Khloe Kardashian is doing ombre right, folks, and that's a whole lot more than you can say for the infinitely awful Ke$ha and her particular brand of ombre. This is some awesome sauce, and if anyone ever in the world were to do ombre, they should probably fork over the likely-zillion bucks it must cost to have Khloe's hairdresser do it themselves. 

The shoes are adorable, and the coral color in them sets off her olive skin beautifully. Up to this point, you might have noticed that the dress was left out of the equation, and there's a reason for that. See, while the dress is extremely flattering, and has lots of lovely colors, well ... honestly, it looks like it should be hanging on a discount rack in a head shop, or, at the very least, pinned up on a teenage girl's bedroom wall -- a teenage girl who's into black lights and incense. Otherwise, the cut, the length, and the colors are cute -- it's just that pattern, man. It's like a Magic Eye poster.

Verdict: On the whole, pretty good! Khloe's a gorgeous little darling, and the outfit isn't all bad at all.

--Sarah Taylor
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