Poor Miley Cyrus Poses in a Wedding Dress She'll Probably Never Wear

5/30/2013 6:00 AM PDT
See that right there, guys? That's Miley Cyrus, in a wedding dress, captured in a photo that she posted on Twitter. That's what that is. And yet, arriving right on the heels of even more breakup rumors, Liam Hemsworth showed up at her house last night, and his vehicle stayed parked there for multiple hours, eyewitnesses say. 

So what's even happening here? Well, wait -- this is what's happening here: nobody knows, but it's like that old adage -- sh-- or get off the pot. It's obviously none of our business as to whether she and Liam are still trying to keep their crappy flame of love alive or not, and naturally, nobody owes us any explanation, but come on. Could things be more unclear at this point? This thing just needs to get resolved once and for all, man. 

Back to the photo, though -- Miley posted it on Twitter. That's all we really know, and there are one of two scenarios happening here: Miley's either channeling her very best "Like a Virgin" for her new music, which is just so original, or she's sad and desperate and in need of attention and knows that she'll get it if she wears the one thing that she'll probably never wear with Liam. 

Young love, guys. So complicated. So poignant. So ... annoying. 

--Sarah Taylor
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