Stars Without Makeup: Katie Holmes Looks Really, Really, Really, Really Tired Today

5/31/2013 2:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
media_removed_fishwrapper 2013This is our girl Katie Holmes -- in New York City -- on the set of her latest film, "Mania Days," and the nicest thing you can say is that she looks mad tired. The meanest thing you can say, however (not that we're all about mean here, because this is likely what most of us here look like on our very best days) is that it's apparent that Tom Cruise is a vampire of life and soul and emotion, and even a mere 7 years with him is really like 70 in The Age of Xenu, or Aquarius, or whatever it is he's into. 

You're still awfully wonderful, Katie! ... But maybe you should get a little sleep now and then, huh?

--Sarah Taylor
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