Snooki Has a Diabolical Plan to Flood the World With Little Tiny Snookis

5/31/2013 12:00 PM PDT
There are a lot of mixed feelings about Snooki -- some people think she's adorable, some people think she's a tiny booze-filled plague on our society ... so let's take a moment to clear things up, all right? Snooki is wonderful. She's sweet and funny and smart, or, well, smart in her own way. She tries. She's just cute, all right, guys? Just love her. Do yourself that favor and love her. 

Oh, and love her horde of babies! She wants to have three more, so she'll ideally have four babies total. Isn't that darling? She wants four babies that will while away the days in the house that she and her tiny fiance Jionni are having built. It will hopefully be a reality show, and it will hopefully get started soon, since Snooki is apparently having all these pregnancy scares up in Jersey:

"I actually thought I was pregnant, like, last week. I got excited! I wasn't. I thought I was pregnant [and] I took a test and me and Jionni were like, 'Oh my god, not again!' But I actually got really excited and then we weren't. Now I kind of want one!"

Oh, Snooki, have one! And then have another, and then another, and then another, and then a few more. And then conquer the world with your tiny army. And then make another reality show. Especially that last thing, though. 

--Emily Trainham
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