Vogue is Trying to Convince Us That Pamela Anderson Looks Like This Now

6/3/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Unfortunately, there's not enough cocaine in this whole entire world to make us forget that Pamela Anderson actually does not look like this, but looked like this twenty years ago, when "Baywatch" was actually a thing and she hadn't gotten six or eight creepy rock-hard boob jobs that we've become so accustomed to recognizing her for. 

This is Pam's latest shoot -- with Mario Testino -- for Vogue Brazil, and to say that she looks good would be an understatement. No, Pam Anderson looks completely, unbelievably amazing, and it's due in part to the fact that she doesn't even look like the 45-year-old Pam Anderson that we know today. Take a look at this photo, for example:

Case in point, my friends. She's still awfully pretty to look at, and the photos are so eternal that they're creepy, but man and holy Photoshop -- this is just not the Pam Anderson of 2013, so sorry. The real Pam Anderson of 2013 looks like a normal 45-year-old woman. She looks like anyone you'd see walking down the street (albeit really, really attractive). No, this Photoshop attempt makes the 45-year-old Pam Anderson look ageless, and not only is it untrue, it's also kind of insulting, too.
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