If This Isn't Amanda Bynes' Second Twitter Account, Then There is a Real Scary Person About, Guys

6/4/2013 2:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Oh wow, friends -- it's finally happened: Amanda Bynes went out and actually admitted that Drake acts ugly because he looks ugly! Oh, wait, what's that? Amanda Bynes would never actually say that because she just loves Drake so much that she wants him to murder her vagina? Alright, well, no matter -- there's somebody else out in the Twitterverse, then, who thinks all of these "ugly" things about Drake, and they are -- oh! Just like Amanda -- unafraid to say how they really feel. 

See if any of these tweets look at all familiar in tone, style, or content: 

Now, nobody's going to come right out and say that this Malibu Barbie person isn't Amanda Bynes, but you're probably not going to get a whole lot of people out there saying that this Malibu Barbie person is Amanda Bynes, either. Because seriously, who wants to get involved in things where phrases like "stab your face" is a thing that's actually said? 

Also ... Amanda's been retweeting this account, too, so there are two possible explanations here -- either Amanda Bynes definitely has a "secret" Twitter account, or there's a creepy, creepy person emulating Amanda's life and who Amanda really needs to stay away from. There's safety concerns written all over this thing, guys.
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