All of LeAnn Rimes' New Songs Really ARE About Brandi Glanville

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Do you know what today is? Today is the day that LeAnn Rimes gives the world the beautiful gift of her brand new album, "Spitfire." It's also the day that LeAnn begins to assault the world with interviews, tweets, and appearances, all in the name of promotion (the difference between this assault and her usual assaults, by the way, is that this time, there's a soundtrack). It's probably going to get bad, guys. Take care of yourselves.

To celebrate this very special occasion, let's review this new interview, all right? You're guaranteed to roll your eyes at least a zillion times.

LeAnn on her country cred:

“My life is one very large country song. What I’ve lived in the last four years is country music at its finest.” 

On her very brave new album:

“Someone said to me yesterday that this album is like taking a knife and stabbing myself in public. And it’s true — I’m letting everyone watch while I rip my guts out. There was not an ounce of me left to put on this record. It was the most fearless I’ve ever been, in anything that I’ve ever done. After people have written my life for me for the last four and a half years — and it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, it’s what sells the most magazines that week — this was the first time I could dig into my emotions and write from this perspective, and not have to apologize for being human. A lot of people don’t see me as that, and haven’t for a long time.”

She actually thinks she's been quiet up until now:

“It’s not scary to put this record out ... people have twisted lies for so long. At least they have the truth to twist now. It feels very freeing because I’ve been so quiet and bit my tongue so many times, and it came out through my music, which felt like the appropriate way.”


“As a parent now, I want these kids to be kids as long as they can. I really enjoy my stepsons. I go out on the trampoline and jump around with them, and it’s awesome! They give me an excuse to have a childhood that I never got to have.” 

Oh gosh, guys, isn't this going to be fun? Aren't you just so excited on what all the press for this new album is going to bring? Because you really, really should be.
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