Justin Timberlake is So Bad in This Trailer, It's Not Even Funny

6/7/2013 11:00 AM PDT, by

Sorry, guys, that headline was misleading: Justin Timberlake is bad in the trailer for his new movie with Ben Affleck, "Runner, Runner," but it's very funny. Sorry for any confusion. 

Is there some kind of intervention that can be done for Justin here? Maybe Ben Affleck and Lance Bass can just him down and be like "listen up, friend, you've had a good run with your career as a singer/actor, but the time has come to choose between the two." And he'll choose acting, of course, since that is his greatest love, but then Ben will be like "choose again." And then Jessica Biel will walk in and hold him as he cries, and afterwards Jay-Z will show up to carry him back to the studio. And for the rest of his days, Justin will watch his battered old copies of "Alpha Dog" and "Yogi Bear," reminiscing on what could have been. What could have been if he had any real talent.

But hey, how bad does this movie look?
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