Love It or Leave It -- Pink's Got Long, Flowing (Kind of Creepy) Hair Now

6/10/2013 5:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
If this isn't the strangest thing you've seen all year, then you've probably been hiding in a hole where the only things you see are ... well, things that aren't strange. 

This is Pink, and for one of the very first times ever, she's rocking long, blonde extensions. Hair. Pink's got actual long hair in this picture, guys, and who really knows what to feel about that?

Verdict: While it's totally a normal thing to go from short hair to long hair in a hot second, it just doesn't seem to suit Pink. While nobody's saying that she's pigeonholed herself into being forever edgy and, by virtue, rocking short, cropped, "edgy" hair ... well, nobody's saying she hasn't, either. She's still just as lovely, but now she looks like every other bleached blonde with a red lip hanging at the beach. Leave it. 

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