Amanda Bynes Might be Fickle, But She's Definitely Not Crazy

6/11/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Oh girl. Fickle, fickle Amanda Bynes. When are you going to just go ahead and resign to the fact that you and Drake are probably soul mates -- probably meant for one another! -- and that a vagina-murdering is likely an imminent thing? It probably is -- and you holding up the process with all of your Drake-indecision is only prolonging the inevitable. That's what's happening here. 

To you guys, don't worry -- Amanda's already mended her falling out with Drake, because she loves him again. It doesn't even matter that he's "ugly," because she's over that, and he's just lucky that Amanda can get past her physical hangups with her lovers and adore him for who he is. 

Take it, girl: 

"I only like Drake because he's so ugly! His ugly cheeks at the EA conference! Fine he is not, but he knows he's ugly! I've spoken to him!"  

There it is. There you have it, folks. See, Drake knows he's ugly, and to Amanda, that only makes him all the more attractive. 

Make sense? No, actually, none at all, but that's Amanda Bynes' relationship doings for you.

But more importantly, remember Drake Bell? The other Drake that Amanda tweeted about having sex with once? Well, he's apparently still a fixture in her life, and had this to say about her:

"Amanda and I are close… I talk to her every day. She’s a sweetheart. I had lunch with her yesterday, and she’s brilliant. She’s good, and she’s healthy. ... I’m like ‘dude, you come off crazy.’ She’s like, ‘I know, but I don’t mean to. I just changed the way I look'. ... Anytime I’ve ever been with Amanda, she’s totally coherent, totally there, totally everything.”

It's all good, guys. No worries. Nothing to see here. Move on (yeah, right -- don't move on. You know you won't). 
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