Very Helpful Tips With Your New Life Coach, Amanda Bynes!

6/13/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by
Have you been lacking direction in your life lately? Have you been sitting on the sidelines, wondering what you're doing wrong, what you could do to be better? Then come on down, friends, because the completely stable and not at all wacky Amanda Bynes has some tips for you!

This first piece of advice is for anyone who has ever had someone insult them. Guess what: you're the problem! Thanks, Amanda! But do you have anything to say to anyone who might be wanting to take advantage of someone, maybe for a person who has greed in her heart? Oh gosh, Amanda, your profoundness never ceases to amaze! We're all good on the advice for right now, but do you have anything else you'd like to add to the conversation? Good to know, girl. Good to know.
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