Quotables (and Fond Memories): Uncle Jesse Almost Got Real Serious With Aunt Becky

6/14/2013 7:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"We actually did date ... We did have some off-timing ... She could be the one that got away." 

--John Stamos on his personal -- and professional -- relationship with Lori Loughlin, or, if you're a kid of the eighties or nineties, UNCLE JESSE AND AUNT BECKY. Amazing, right? Doesn't that completely change your whole entire perspective on "Full House"? 

Just in case you were concerned, John Stamos is not married. Just in case you were concerned, Lori Loughlin is married, and she has been for something like 16 years. While these two can't get together in real life (well, they could; it just probably wouldn't go over so well with Lori's husband), you can go ahead and watch your daytime repeats of "FH" and pretend it all went down differently, guys. At least that's what this girl's gonna do this weekend. You know.
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