Stars Without Makeup: Ashley Greene is Hot in Any Case

6/17/2013 2:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

This is your girl Ashley Greene at a nail salon, getting her nails done and shoulders rubbed and all that all that other stuff. Guys, this is what she looks like on her off days from being all sorts of glamorous and fabulous and "Twilight" famous and all that jazz, and she looks amazing. Like, even if you think that Ashley Greene's acting skills aren't really on par with those of, say, Kristen Stewart's, it's totally fine, because she's got one majorly big claim to fame -- she's probably one of the cutest little elven-looking things living today, and that counts for enough. 

... It counts way more than, say, being Alice in "Twilight" would, anyhow. Totally gorgeous, right?
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