Beyonce Just Gave Kim Kardashian the Best Baby Present Ever

6/17/2013 3:00 PM PDT, by
If you were over at Babies R Us, browsing around to find the very, very best present to give to Kim Kardashian for the arrival of her baby girl, then stop. Just stop. Well, you can pick up some diapers or whatever, but don't even bother trying to find anything good. Because Beyonce did it, you guys. Beyonce gave the best gift.

She posted that very photo up there on her website, can you believe that? Beyonce took the time to open up MS Paint and make that sweet little picture, and if that wasn't enough (it so totally was), she also left this little message:


And sure, you're probably thinking "Beyonce messes around in Paint and uses capslock all the time, what is she, my dad?" But just take a moment to think about how much this will mean to Kim. Kim, who's worked so hard and so long to be legit famous and not "I'm pretty, I did a sex tape and now the world has to deal with me" famous. This message from Beyonce, and that means that Kim made it. She finally made it.
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