BOOM, Ke$ha is Your New Best Friend

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If you didn't foresee this, well, you're not the only one, but here it is: Ke$ha is awesome. Sure, her music might not be your cup of tea, and that thing where she drank her own pee was obviously gross, but she just seems like such a fun, awesome girl. If you disregard all her jokey stuff about brushing her teeth with hard liquor and, again, the pee thing, you might find that she's actually pretty wonderful. In fact, she did an interview here recently, and you probably won't even believe all the delightful things she said.

On her diet:

"Eighty percent of the time I watch my portions and eat veggies and lean protein. It's excruciatingly boring, but it makes my body happy. The other 20 percent of the time, I do whatever I want. It's OK to sometimes eat a f--- ton of chocolate!"

On sleep:

"It's a luxury. I usually try to get a good six hours from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. When I can't sleep, I bedazzle my clothes and watch 'The Golden Girls.' I have a bit of Blanche in me."

On following her dreams:

"I'm a white girl from Nashville who -- kind of! -- raps. It's weird, but I've always believed I was put here to do what I'm doing. I've had to endure so many people telling me, 'No, you can't do that,' 'No, you're not pretty enough,' 'No, you're not skinny enough, and I just had to be like, 'You're not stopping me. Get out of my way.' Some of that comes from my mom, but I also think I was born with balls."

On listening to her own music while working out:

"No, I like to be in nature. I've heard my music is great to work out to, but it would be douchey if I did that. But I really love that people like to exercise to my music. I want it to bring out the wildness in everyone, and if that encourages you to be a fighter and get fit, that's great." 

So, to review, Ke$ha enjoys living her life how she wants to, not being douchey, eating a f--- ton of chocolate on occasion, and bedazzling clothing while watching "Golden Girls." And if those things don't encompass everything you've ever wanted to do in life, then you might want to reevaluate your goals.

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