Rihanna's Been Taking Violence Courses from Chris Brown Again, Derp

6/18/2013 3:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Or maybe the better way to phrase that would be, "Rihanna maybe punched a fan in the face with her microphone, a move she probably learned from that toolkit, Chris Brown." Is that a bit better -- a bit more descriptive?

Because damn, girl. That's a fan. That's a fan who's trying to grab at you so they could go to work in the morning and say, "That Rihanna concert that Mom and Dad bought me mad good tickets to? I got to touch her. I touched Rihanna, guys," and then that fan would probably go to lunch and everybody would be buying him or her chips from the vending machine or sodas or whatever, because they're like, "Hey, I just bought Rihanna chips by association," and the whole thing would have been a feel-good experience, not one that required copious amounts of Tylenol and shame.

Way to be, girl. Way to be.
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