Tyra Banks Just Checked Into Reality

6/19/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by
When you take some time to peruse around your favorite celebrity gossip blogs, you'll notice that sometimes, big news is being covered. Arrests, marriages, babies: big deals. And other times, you'll realize that you just spent five minutes of your life reading about how much Tyra Banks loves bacon. Guess which one of those categories this story is in?

It's just that Tyra loves bacon so much, you guys. So much. And when Tyra has a feeling, any feeling at all, she wants to make sure you know about it. And thus, the detailing of her love for this specific breakfast meat began: Oh, Tyra, never change. Unless you decide to document even more of your life on Twitter, or if you get some reality show deal where we get to see every single thing you do for every second of every day. That kind of change would be OK.
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