Kylie Jenner Did a Thing That Kids Thought Was Cool When They Were Ten

6/21/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
This is a photo that Kylie Jenner thought was so fun and important that it was just imperative that she share it with you, and aren't you excited? Doesn't it take you back to 5th grade when you were bored in social studies class, pretending to learn the state capitals, and you found that thumbtack under your desk? Man, you can do so many things with a thumbtack, but the very most risque thing you can do when you're in the 5th grade is to pierce ... your fingernail. Yup. It was all the rage back in 1993, and Kylie Jenner, bless her soul, just caught on 20 years later. 

This is where it starts, guys. Do you really need to be reminded as to where it could go? (Of course you do. Of course.) 

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