Victoria Beckham ... SMILES.

6/23/2013 1:45 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Man! All this time there were hordes and hordes of people who thought that Victoria Beckham couldn't really smile because she had no teeth, or because her jaw was once wired shut too tightly after some dieting fad or because maybe she was just, dunno, miserable. However? As it turns out, none of those things are true! V Becks has quite lovely teeth, doesn't appear to have any weird jaw malformations, and if this photo is any indication, she actually looks  ... well, gleeful sounds about right, huh?

This is a photo that David Beckham shared with you -- lucky, lucky you -- and doesn't she just look great? Here's to all you Debbie Downers: if V Becks can muster up a reason to put on a happy face, you can too, alright? 

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