Backstreet's Back (Making Awful Music), ALL RIGHT!

6/25/2013 5:00 PM PDT, by

Let's start with something positive: at least these Backstreet Boys are trying. At least they're still out there, following their dreams and making music for us, the people. That's admirable, right? Yeah, now let's slide on into the truth: this song is terrible.

It's not even terrible in the way that all Backstreet Boys songs are terrible, it's this new, unfamiliar kind of bad that's really uncomfortable and sort of hard to pin down. Does that make sense? Who knows, maybe it's just that we're all older and wiser now, and more able to tell when boy bands make awful music. Maybe this is the kind of nonsense that they've been churning out all the time, and it's just sadder now because, according to their handy timeline, they've been making music like this for 20 years. It's all just too tragic to consider, really.

Hey, let's end with something positive too, all right? Let's see ... they used a decent font. And boom, just like that, all the compliments are gone.

How are you guys feeling about the ol' BSB these days?
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