Love It or Leave It: Rihanna Sure Loves That "Marijuana Chic" Look

6/25/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by
Hey guys, does Rihanna smoke weed? Does she ever talk about it, or drop any hints? Surely she doesn't post photos of herself smoking or anything, but does she ever make any subtle references to it? Because darn it, here she is, wearing a shirt with a marijuana leaf on it, but does she even know that's what it is? Maybe she just thought it was a cute t-shirt. It's hard to tell, since we really don't know how Rihanna feels about marijuana. 

End sarcasm: GIRL STOP. If you post one more photo of yourself smoking weed, or in the presence of weed, or if you wear one more article of clothing that somehow references weed, then you're in big trouble. Because we get it, Rihanna. You're edgy. You don't care. You're a bad girl. You love S&M and rude boys and WEED. Everyone understands. Now get some better clothes, you're just too damn cute for this mess.

Verdict: Leave it. Leave it in a fire pit with approximately 60% of Rihanna's Instagram photos, because nobody even cares about the pot. The skirt is safe though. ... As long as it's not lined with WEED-PRINT CRINOLINE. 

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