Quotables: Brave, Handsome Elijah Wood Talks Depression and Anxiety

6/26/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"I can't say that I've dealt with depression, because I think that's a really heavy thing, and I think that people sometimes use that word really lightly in reference to being blue or depressed. So no, I've not dealt with depression, but I deal with anxiety on a minor level. It's something that I've had most of my life, and it never manifests on an uncontrollable level with panic attacks, it's just more reflective of a sensitivity to everything around me. Most of the time, I just accept it or try to understand what I'm feeling anxious about, and work through it - sometimes if I'm nervous, I talk about it, and that helps. You know, all you can do is sort of ride it out, because sometimes it has a mind of its own. Also I tell myself that it's manifested out of my mind and emotions - I think a real understanding that I came to about anxiety specifically is created by what you're sort of unconsciously telling yourself."

--Elijah Wood on having his own emotional cross to bear, mild anxiety. 

And guys, you're not alone -- if you're one of the million to suffer from anxiety or depressive disorders, you're in good company. Some of the most brilliant and stable celebrities have either suffered at one point in their lives with something like postpartum depression, or even currently battle daily with things like bipolar disorders. No shame, guys, just love. 

(And who doesn't love Elijah Wood? Come on now.)  
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