Quotables: Miley Cyrus is Going Through a Mid-Life Crisis, I Guess

6/26/2013 4:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"We're very similar ... we both are, we both are [so high we don't know what our names are]." 

--Miley Cyrus to Jimmy Kimmel on how "similar" she and Snoop Dogg Lion are, because if "Heartbreaks and Ashtrays" wasn't enough of an indicator, then the fact that Miley's been taking most of her fashion advice from Rihanna lately should make up for the rest of it.

What's Miley even going through? Well, you know. Maybe you were her kind of girl (or guy) when you were a young, impressionable twentysomething. Maybe you weren't the one who was all sorts of focused on getting into the best colleges or even trying to maintain a semblance of corporate young adult on the rise, and that's OK. That's where Miley's head is at (well, there and all up in some burned-out ashtray with Snoop Dizzle [Lizzle?]) -- at least on a meta level, guys, but it's fine. 

She's gonna be just fine, promise. 

Oh, but also, there's this -- watching Miley loll around rhythmlessly on a guy's lap while she performs "We Can't Stop" for a throng of shrieking fans. It'll make your day, promise:  


Man, girl. You really can't be tamed, huh?
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