Adele Has an Adorable New Tattoo!

6/28/2013 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Man, guys. Adele. How cute is Adele with her brand-new ink that says, "Paradise," which can mean so many different things depending on what she's doing with that talented hand of hers? Picture this a sec -- Adele gripping a microphone and blessing us all with an acapella version of "Someone Like You." Duh, PARADISE, right? Or hey, if Adele was giving out free backrubs. That hand, man -- boom, PARADISE. Even if she were to do something really simple like taking her hand and positioning it just like it is in the photo, extending her thumb to point back at herself ... duh! Adele is paradise! 

Of course there's a whole 'nother level we can take this thing to -- things that Adele could do with her left hand that might make people also shriek "Paradise!" -- but we're not gonna go there today. Girlfriend's a new mom, after all, and there's got to be some level of respect around these here parts, right? 

Love you, girl!
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