Amanda Bynes Just Can't Make Up Her Silly Little Mind About Drake

6/28/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by
Oh, Amanda Bynes. the most fickle Tweeter in all the land. It's getting hard to keep up with all that Amanda says on her Twitter, but this week, she's said that the only person who's uglier than her sometimes soulmate, Drake, is Drake's mom (low blow, for sure), and she also posted a photo of Drake, commenting that "They airbrushed Drake to make his eyes look like he doesn't have down syndrome!" But she's since deleted both of those comments, because, wouldn't you know it, Amanda is suddenly back in love with Drake. Poor guy.

Here are a couple of things that Amanda tweeted this afternoon: That's pretty serious, huh? It's basically the most romantic thing you'll ever hear. And the most inspiring thing you'll ever hear? Amanda "There's A Surgery for Everything That's Wrong with You" Bynes revealing her plans for further plastic surgery: If no one in Amanda's life is going to try to help her, could they at least take away her iPhone or something? If nothing else, just to save poor Drake from this rollercoaster of emotions.
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