Miley Cyrus Lists Her Profession as "Pro Twerker," Needs A Reality Check Stat

6/29/2013 8:30 AM PDT, by

All right, now look, it's great that Miley Cyrus is so in love with twerking. That's wonderful, and we should all be so lucky to find our true passion. But Miley is starting to take it a little too far. Ever since she posted that very first video where she was twerking in that unicorn costume and everyone said "LOL," she's been shoving that twerk in our faces. She's like a small child who does something to make you laugh, and then she does that one thing over and over and over to the point where you have to force yourself to laugh just so she doesn't get her feelings hurt. And that's sad.

See, Miley did this questionnaire thing, a "celebrity quiz" for ABC News, and when she had to write down her job, she wrote "pro twerker." Not "singer," not "stoner," nope, just "pro twerker." You guys, she's not even that good at twerking, let's be honest. We all know a handful of girls down at the club who are way better twerkers than Miley, right? We need to stop Miley on this before things get out of hand. 

As for some other things we learned about Miley from this here quiz, she sings that "Thong Song" in the shower, her drink of choice is "I ain't picky," her dream vacation would be to go to the moon with "my honey," and when she wants fast food, she goes to McDonald's and orders 30 cheeseburgers. Really great to know, girl.
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