Kaley Cuoco Has an Unimpressive New Boyfriend

7/1/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Oh man, Kaley Cuoco, right? You're never gonna believe who she's dating these days, guys, and it's because the guy she's dating is not Johnny Galecki, but Henry Cavill AKA That New Superman who personally gets no love from yours truly. 

Sources say that Kaley and Cavill are real "hot" for each other, and have been seeing each other pretty steadily as of late. Cavill is also said to have been a long-time fan of "The Big Bang Theory," and is "excited" to be dating Kaley, because duh on both counts. Sigh. 

While Henry's not all that bad on the eyes, man, there are so many other available, adorable men that Kaley could be settling down with. Like, you know -- JOHNNY GALECKI. 

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