Sounds Like The Douchebag Convention Was in Vegas This Year

7/3/2013 9:00 AM PDT, by
If you have to name a couple of the worst dudes in Hollywood -- "worst," mind you, not meaning the scary, violent dudes or the mean dudes, just the smarmy, annoying ones -- Adam Levine and Jonah Hill would fall somewhere near the top of that list, right? And you know what makes it worse? They're friends. They're friends who probably sit around and talk about their "craft" and how hard it is to not be taken seriously when you're just such a serious, serious person with such serious, serious talent. They also allegedly hang out in Las Vegas together, gambling too hard and creepin' on models.

In this little tale, Adam and Jonah hit up a casino on Friday, and they weren't doing too well: Jonah was apparently overheard saying that they were both down $15,000. So Adam's girlfriend, a "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model, natch, came over, and she brought along four of her closest model friends. And then Jonah -- get this -- said that he hoped the ladies would "work as good luck charms." Ewwww, right? Total eyeroll. 

It's all about the mental image, though, friends: just take a moment, close your eyes, clear your head, and think of these utterly ridiculous gentlemen surrounded by a gaggle of models. Imagine the kind of conversation that would go on there. Imagine the holes they would drill though those poor models (with their eyes, you pervs). If you're not rolling your eyes so hard they're about to fall out of your head, then who even knows what's wrong with you.
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