Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace is Just as Sad and Lovely as You Thought It Would Be

7/5/2013 6:00 AM PDT, by

See, it's sad because it's Linda Lovelace, obviously, and that tale gets a little tragic at times, but it's lovely because it's Amanda Seyfried, who is truly one of the loveliest ladies in the game. So it's OK to feel conflicted when you're watching this, because it's a complicated thing: are you supposed to very seriously contemplate Linda Lovelace's story, or are you supposed to smile goofily and flail because Amanda's so pretty and fun and great? There's no right answer, friends. But probably just go with the flailing.

Also, Lindsay Lohan was rumored to be cast in the role before it was given to Amanda. You can always meditate on that, too.
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