Our Girl Rebecca Black Does Miley's Song Better Than Miley!

7/7/2013 2:00 PM PDT, by

Guys, it's OK if you thought that Rebecca Black was just some girl who sang this silly song about a day of the week and that's it. It's OK if you didn't realize how important she would be to us as a society. It's OK, but it's time to come out of ignorance now. It's time to let Rebecca ascend to greatness.

Here's a video of Rebecca and her friend Jon doing a cover of that infamous Miley Cyrus tune, "We Can't Stop." And guys, it's actually really good. She sounds better (which isn't to say that Miley's a bad singer, because she definitely isn't, but who even knows what she's doing to her poor voice these days), and she even changed that weird verse about the girls with the big butts and doing lines in the bathroom. She made this song into what it always should have been. She's a master.

LOL at that dude's hair though, right?
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