Courteney Cox Has Been Digging Through Meg Ryan's Old Face Parts Again

7/9/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
It'd appear that someone is possibly going pretty heavy on the fillers and lip injections these days, huh, guys? Courteney Cox has always been a real pretty lady, and she's always pretty much looked her age, but this is not a good photo. And this is not a good photo because it looks like Courteney went and received medical advice from the demon offspring of The Joker and Meg Ryan's aesthetician. 

Can't we just age naturally, gracefully anymore, friends? Is that what the world is coming to?

Courtney, girl: back up off whatever apparatuses have come in contact with your face over the last few weeks, all right? The world will seem a much better place when you do.
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