But Hey, Does Lady Gaga Really Want Us to Believe She Was "Born This Way?"

7/10/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Hm. So, on the left, you have Lady Gaga. More specifically, Lady Gaga in November of 2012. And on the right? Well, it's also Lady Gaga, but Lady Gaga Last Week 2013. Now, LG hasn't been photographed a whole lot since having "hip surgery," and lots of outlets speculated on whether it was an actual hip surgery as opposed to a surgery of a different kind (read: Elective. Non-medically necessary. Plastic). 

... And while Gaga lost some of that pizza/pasta "weight" (because damn, girl, you looked really good with some meat on your bones), the more possibly noticeable difference is something with the nose that she said she'd never surgically alter. Is there something different? More of a contouring, more of a narrowed bridge, more of a sculpt to the tip? 

Nobody here is flat-out saying that Lady Gaga had some facial reconstruction, but nobody here is ruling it out, either.

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