You Have Got to See Lindsay Lohan Be Great in This Trailer for "The Canyons"

7/11/2013 7:00 AM PDT, by

Can we have a serious discussion about how good Lindsay Lohan looks in this trailer? Because she looks SO GOOD. But does she really look that good, or is it just because we want her to look that good? Has all our goodwill and high hopes for Lindsay transformed her into the beauty she was during her "Mean Girls" days, while in reality she remains ravaged by questionable cosmetic procedures and bad life choices? Has Lindsay somehow transcended our simple human understanding of beauty, does she exist on some higher plane that makes her so beautiful that all we can do is think "PRETTY" and drool a little bit? What is the truth here?

Meanwhile, we can all agree that we're going to watch this movie based on the review that says it's "an acid-etched horror story of souls," right? That's universal, at least, isn't it?
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