Quotables: Demi Lovato Thankfully Doesn't Think Kim Kardashian is All That Cool

7/12/2013 11:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

"When people say 'I want to be famous – I want to be a star', you have to ask: 'What are your intentions? If you just want to be famous, make a sex tape'. So what I'd say is, if you're doing it because you want to be a respected actress or musician, follow your dream. If you just want paparazzi following you, rethink what's going on in your little head. It's crazy how people confuse the two nowadays." 

--Demi Lovato on the difference between fame and respect ... able fame, and as always, she's totally right. It's a genuine rarity that you'll ever hear anything wrong come out of her mouth, and if you ever did? Well. Then you probably weren't listening all that well to begin with, folks. Nope. 

Note to up and coming "stars" -- a sex tape (whether "leaked" or "private" -- here's looking at you, Farrah Abraham) is only going to buy you marginal fame. And that marginal fame is going to be mostly based on disgust. Get it together, ladies and gents, alright?
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