Quotables: Justin Bieber's Mom Doesn't Know What's Wrong With Her Jerky Son Either

7/12/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
"My son is not a public figure to me, he is my son. 
I can't predict what's going to be in the headlines. Justin has always been someone who has to do things his way. And I have to be able to believe he will do the right thing and he will come out on top."

--Pattie Mallette, the poor mother of Justin Bieber, tries to defend the indefensible.

Obviously Pattie just couldn't come out and say "I don't know, he's this big obnoxious brat and I tried to ground him but he just ended up getting another dumb tattoo and a stupid car," but wouldn't it be great if she could? Because what she's saying here, the whole thing about how "Justin has always been someone who has to do things his way," it's just not working out. She's making him seem like an independent young gentleman, when really he's a spoiled teenage boy who pees in buckets and yells rude things about great former presidents. It's not quite the same thing, is it?

Still though, it's nice to see a mom stick by her kid. Even if that kid is a huge ego monster with a severe case of douche-face. 
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