Dina Lohan is Just as Delusional and Weird as Ever!

7/15/2013 9:00 AM PDT, by
Hey, you know what's sad? Lindsay Lohan isn't even out of rehab yet and her mom, good ol' Dina Lohan, is already sounding kind of sketchy about the adventures they'll have once Lindsay's free again. It's pretty uncomfortable, to be honest, so let's go ahead and see what Dina had to say before we start to discuss, all right?

Here's what Dina says about Oprah doing Lindsay's post-rehab interview and then the documentary series after that:

"Oh, it's fantastic. If anyone is going to help mentor you, it's going to be Oprah."

Oh, for sure, Dina. For sure. But would there be any chance that you'd get to be on the Oprah show, too?

"Possibly! It's about family…and I'm family."

So is she going to live with you so you can do your usual creepy partying, or are you going to try to keep it more casual?

"Lindsay is 27, my kids all have their own places. She's not going to move back home. She'll be getting an apartment in New York. She'll be in New York. It's great because [sister Ali] is in New York with Welheminia models. [Son] Michael is in New York. My other little guy [son Dakota] is 17 and he's still at home and going to St. Anthony's. The rest may come home to mom, but they don't want to live with me." 

Cool, Dina, cool. Way to be a reliable support system and not a sketchy momager who seems more excited about seeing Oprah and being on TV than your daughter's wellbeing. Totally.
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