Scar Yourself for Life with These New Courtney Stodden Photos!

7/18/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by
Sorry if you were about to eat dinner, or if you planned on trying to live your life without fear anytime soon or anything. Because that picture didn't really help with either of those things, huh? More likely, this photo of Courtney Stodden whipping herself is going to hinder your life more than help it. But doesn't it hurt so good?

No, sorry, no, it doesn't. And if that photo of Courtney whipping herself solo isn't doing you any favors, then you're going to really hate this photo:

Sick, Doug Hutchison had to get involved in the kinky action! Sincerest apologies, friends, for the damage this undoubtedly caused your psyche. And if you actually enjoyed these photos, well, then you're the one that owes us the apology. Weirdo.

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