Seth Rogen Shows Mariah Carey How It's Done

7/18/2013 11:00 AM PDT, by
Poor Seth Rogen got hurt, guys. He fell off his bike and broke his elbow. He posted that cute little picture above (sorry not sorry, still in love with him) on his Instagram, along with this darling comment:

You know what's awesome about falling off your bike and breaking your elbow? Not a f---in thing. 

Now, see, that's cute. It sucks, surely, for Seth, but that's a cute little comment. What makes it especially amusing though is when you compare it with Mariah Carey's recent injury, which is similar, but just a little less hardcore (she dislocated her shoulder, he broke his elbow, think about it). Because Mariah posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed, she posted a very pitiful, very dramatic video of herself leaving the hospital, and here's a picture of one of her many, many slings:

And that is how, on this day, Seth Rogen totally just schooled Mariah Carey. Do you love it?
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