Quotables: Jennifer Lawrence Kept Her Oscar in A Hallway, Is Impossibly Wonderful

7/23/2013 7:00 AM PDT, by
“My parents took it back to Kentucky, ‘cause I felt odd having it, like, on display in my house. 
If anybody’s coming over to my house, I didn’t want them to remember that. Just kind of puts a weird energy out. I put it in the hallway towards the bathroom, and my mom was like, ‘I’m taking it. It shouldn’t be here.’ And now it’s on a piano in Kentucky!”

--Jennifer Lawrence explains where she keeps her Oscar, remains unbelievably endearing.

Aren't we all glad Jennifer let us know this little tidbit? It isn't much, of course, just another bit of information that showcases why she's the most amazing person alive. But really, isn't that all we need? Just one little moment of perfection in between all the nonsense?
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