Quotables: Selena Gomez is a Brand-New Lush

7/24/2013 2:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"I had a shot of Jack Daniels. [How many?] I don't remember. [I] was a little bit [hungover the next day,] but it was fun." 

--Selena Gomez on being an adorable 21-year-old who can't even remember how many shots of Jack Daniels she did the other night, friends. Oh, and that 'lush' thing was a total joke, because she's not, and because yours truly just got back from New Orleans where she spent a couple of days counting -- or was it not counting? -- things by the name of Jack, and Jim, and Johnny. Those dudes, Selena ... the dudes with the last names of Daniels, Beam, and Walker -- you gotta watch out for them. Oh, and those with the last name of Bieber, too. 

Happy belated, girl!  
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