Looks Like Selena Gomez is Definitely 21, Huh?

7/25/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by

Guys, how great is Selena Gomez? She hasn't even been of legal drinking age for a week yet, and already she's producing hilarious videos that likely have nothing to do with the fact that she can legally consume alcohol in the United States! 

In this darling little clip, you can see Selena arrive at her hotel, drop something on the ground, bend to pick it up, and then fall a little. You can also see her interact with some fans who were there to greet her with birthday gifts. The best part? The way she halfheartedly pushes her hair out of her face, because it is ALL up in her face, and tells them in this really weird, quiet little voice that she's tired and that she'll see them later.

And yeah, girl looks tired as all get out, like she's been out all night partying all week long and is not even able to come close to handling life right now, but that might not be the case at all. She might have just been out having a nice, innocent tea party. But you know what? Even if Selena had another night full of whiskey shots -- like she said she did the other day -- it's not that big a deal. Do you remember the week you turned 21, or even the year you turned 21? Things like this happen. It doesn't make Selena a bad person, it actually makes her a wonderful person for giving us this insanely funny video. 

Appreciate you today, Selena!
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