So Here's This Unbelievably Sad And Disturbing Skit That Kid Kraddick Did Last Week

7/28/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
Guys, this is hard. Just know right now that this story is tragic and strange and painful, all right? Because what happened is that Kidd Kraddick, that incredibly beloved radio personality that passed away unexpectedly yesterday during a charity golf tournament, did a skit on Monday, just five days before his death, detailing what he would say to his loved ones on his deathbed. 

The video, titled "Deathbed Confessions - Kidd's Final Words," was posted on his website, but it's been made private. Here are some of the awful, heartbreaking things that he said:

"Hi guys … I'm not doing that good right now. So nice of all of you to be here. … Shannon, we've been friends for 15 years. You were just a teenage girl loaded up on antidepressants when I met you. Thank you for not killing me sooner … 
Jenna, I'm gonna miss your sideboob. Wherever I'm going, I hope it joins me there someday. Never forget the day we first met at the Cherokee reservation … 
J.C. I love your spirit, man. I love your positive attitude, playfulness, hot-a-- wife .. You've been like a brother to me and that's why it's hard to tell you this … I'm actually your other bio dad. 
I'm getting weaker. … Touch my hand. … I love you deeply and unconditionally. … I love you." 
[And he's gone -- Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' plays] 

How bizarre is it that they did this skit? How hard must it be to be one of those people mentioned, or one of his loved ones, or even just someone who appreciated all he did, and to hear this?

RIP, Kidd. Man, what a sad, sad turn of events. 

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