This Is Officially Lady Gaga's New Look, Sorry for The Disappointment

7/28/2013 1:00 PM PDT, by
Yeah, so this is what Lady Gaga looks like now. It's been a couple of weeks of everybody thinking that maybe she had the flu, and that's why she looked so pale and didn't bother to wear anything besides black, and maybe she was just really busy and didn't have time to do her eyebrows or wash her hair. But last night, Lady Gaga went to an actual event, a benefit, even, looking like this. So apparently this is what we're working with now. Yikes.

Here's a super mega closeup:

The minimal makeup is refreshing, but man, those bleached eyebrows. That's never going to be a good look on anyone, especially not when paired with black hair. And what's going on with her lips? Somebody get this girl a good balm or something, because it kind of looks like she's got a chapped, bleeding thing going on. Also not a good look.

Nobody's saying you have to go back to meat dresses and heels taller than you are, Lady Gaga, but you just kind of look unwell right now. Is there a happy medium somewhere? Please?
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