Kristen Stewart's Entitlement is Out of CONTROL

7/30/2013 11:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Warning: Video depicts Mad Angry Kristen Stewart using profane language and generally manipulating the F-word in every known way to man. Be cautious, OK y'all? Especially if you're in a children's library or at work. 

Oh wow, guys. Watch as Kristen Stewart goes completely off the rails and tells a photographer that he "doesn't deserve" to "breathe the same air" that she does, because that's a classy, classy thing to do. 

See, just when you start to feel some sympathy or attraction for the girl, she goes and does stuff like this. Or, you know, the other stuff like cheating on a wonderful companion with a married, greasy, buck-toothed director whose career has never been the same again. 


Katy Perry, 1; Kristen Stewart, -19.
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